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Jewel-toned Peonies

27 May at La Cuchara Restaurant, Baltimore, MD

I could see Emily's vision for her wedding day the moment she told me she wanted peonies in jewel-toned colors. I knew it was going to be absolutely stunning! Devon Rowland Photography captured her and Imran's day so beautifully. Emily told me she really wanted to have peonies because they reminded her of her grandparents who always had peonies blooming in their yard. I was very happy and eager to help make her vision a reality. Her bouquet included white and fuschia peonies, pink garden roses, purple stock, purple, white and hot pink ranunculus with a touch of lavender clematis. The garden roses made the bouquet smell amazing!

I created her elegant backdrop using my copper pipe stand and added flowing white fabric which gave the design a romantic feel against the pops of color. I added the floral statement piece in 4 separate sections so that I could easily repurpose them in the bar area once the ceremony was over. Emily wanted to add a rug under the backdrop to keep her dress off the gravel. She chose this neutral outdoor rug which they were able to take home and enjoy. I think it added the perfect touch of vintage charm.

La Cuchara in Baltimore, MD was a beautiful backdrop for her colors and designs. It was the perfect mix of rustic, vintage, and elegant vibes. I was able to meet up with Emily to do a walkthrough of the space beforehand and I was in awe. The restaurant is in an old warehouse which I absolutely loved! They've updated the space with modern designs but kept a lot of the historic charm. The food and drinks were good too. I highly recommend.

This color combination makes me happy!

Here is one of the backdrop designs that was repurposed in the bar area. Just imagine how amazing that bar smelled that night!

Because Emily didn't have a traditional wedding party she told her guests to wear shades of purple, pink, lavender, and other jewel-tones so they all complemented each other and the designs. I really love this idea. It made the pictures even better.

Going through her professional photos you could see the love that was captured so beautifully that day.

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